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Eco News

Pineta is the first Hotel in Marche which got the Platinum Ecoleader Certificate by Tripadvisor.

EcoLeader helps travellers to plan green trips.
The selectioned hotels must have particular characters: the Ecoleader level depends from the green philosophy of the hotel.

A building made in respect of environment, 100% eco-sustainable. Thanks to the solar panels installed on the roofs, Pineta Hotel Monsano - Jesi is able to produce 260,000 kw of clean electricity, much of its requirements. So the hotel is self-contained, no pollution, indeed, leads clean energy in the electricity distribution network contributing actively to the preservation of our environment: we produce more energy than we use it!

Cleaning Textile
In respect to eco-sustainable, the textile cleaning uses products composed by essential oils and plant, fully bio-degradable, studied and tested in collaboration with various universities.

Pamper yourself, improve your sleep, make unforgettable your stay: Hotel Pineta loves you! Not only sophisticated design and unique style, but also highest quality and technology for your well-being: our device for ozonation gives you purified air disinfecting and sanitizing environments naturally and safety. And it is also environmentally friendly.

The instrument IONATOR transforms tap water into a powerful cleaning agent that kills bacteria and clears the continuous inhalation risk resulting from the use of traditional chemical cleaners. Ideal for cleaning and sanitation, safe to use, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Using the last generation lamps, the use of recycled paper, doing the waste sorting, use the cleaning products which are friendly to environment…already we all learned some of these small dailies actions that help from one side to reduce the environmental impact and from another side to rationalize some of the costs.


A conscious hotel to 'ecology and environment respect' must also have the 'support of its customers, which is why the Eco Design Hotel Pineta in Monsano - Jesi has created these transparent stickers to put in the room to remind their customers their "green" philosophy.

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